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The Media Rumble 2019

About The Media Rumble

News is the fulcrum of the age we live in – it empowers, entertains, shapes opinion, and leads to innovations, conversations and legislations. In these digitally-charged times, news transcends geographies and makes itself available across platforms. It is seamless and yet definitive; it delineates and decodes while questioning defined boundaries, it is both rarefied and commonplace.

And still, it can be so much more or so much less. To find out where news can go, Newslaundry & Teamwork Arts come together for the third time to present The Media Rumble (TMR) on August 2nd and 3rd at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

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The Media Rumble is an important event because it’s a critique from within…the media is looking within, but it’s also asking others to look at itself. Particularly at a time like this when the media is playing a very crucial role in shaping public opinion, in determining what are the issues of concern in a democracy, the importance of introspection, reflection, and criticism invited from others is very, very important.

TMR Speaker 2018

It is always great to talk to others on a panel and get a perspective from different countries. These are very important conversations that the media needs to be having at this time, and The Media Rumble certainly seems to be having them…it is a good chance to ventilate a lot of the stuff that I guess people feel in their newsroom and organization and perhaps can’t talk about.

TMR Speaker 2018

I’m glad TMR has become bigger this year, it’s a one of a kind event. It offers a whole variety of topics, subjects, aspects of media, especially media and technology. So both for professional media persons, not only journalists but also non-journalists, and for non-media persons, it’s a great event.

TMR Speaker 2018

“The Media Rumble is a special place and an opportunity to interact with journalists from across the globe, discuss ideas, brainstorm and thrash out specific ideas…I think a platform like this gives us a chance to interact with people within the fraternity, come together, and come up with solutions and ways in which we can tackle this kind of crisis that is happening.

TMR Speaker 2018

This is my second year at TMR…I’ve learned something new, I’ve been inspired by some of the people I’ve met, and I’ve got ideas to do things in my own organization when I go back…TMR is the only platform of its kind, and therefore it is succeeding where no one else is succeeding, and it is doing something that no one else is doing.

TMR 2018 Speaker

A large section of the Indian media, instead of speaking truth to power, has become propagandists for power. The Media Rumble is important because it is good to know that you aren’t on your own, that there are other people with the same experiences, and also you get to hear solutions; so it’s not just breast-beating and handwringing, but you get to hear solutions from experiences in India and other parts of the world.

TMR 2017 Speaker

I found The Media Rumble to be a fascinating gathering of top-flight journalists and commentators where many of the most urgent questions facing journalism today were addressed with insight, candour, and courage. At a time when objective, fact-based journalism is imperilled, The Media Rumble provided ample evidence that facts matter and that quality journalism in India will not only survive but thrive and prosper.

TMR 2017 Speaker

I feel it is important that I am heard, by that I don’t mean individually, but that we are heard, we from the North–East and TMR gives that platform.

TMR 2017 Speaker

The Media Rumble was an impressive event. It took me days to shake off all that I experienced at the forum, to return to my work. It was one of the best conferences I had been to, where the energy was infectious.

TMR 2017 Speaker

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