Friday, August 3 Stein Auditorium Silver Oak The Theatre
9.15 – 9.30 Inaugural AddressMadhu Trehan and Sanjoy Roy
9.30 – 10.30 Women Editors: Always the Bridesmaid Are newsrooms optimised for men and their successes? How do we change it?Durga Raghunath, Nishtha Satyam,
Maria Ressa

Moderated by
Marya Shakil

Powered by SoftBank
Minding The MediaIs Indian policy and law out of touch with news in the digital age?
Nikhil Pahwa
, Manish Tewari, S.M. Khan, Subi Chaturvedi
Moderated by Mihir Sharma
Masterclass: Covering Parliament 101
A cheat-sheet on reporting on Parliament, things journalists shouldn’t miss out on, and why Parliament needs to be covered more thoroughly.
Meghnad S
10.30 – 11.30 Dialogue between Media and government – In Conversation
Col Rajyavardhan Rathore, Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting, in conversation with Madhu Trehan on the role of news media, its relationship with the government, and its future
Masterclass: WeWork fostering communities to encourage collaboration and innovation
How spaces like WeWork can help media in finding, building and developing newer & interesting stories to stay relevant in the ‘breaking news’ times.
Karan Virwani
Presented by WeWork
Masterclass: Data is a SourceData is now the source for the story. How does one make sense of the source?Rakesh Dubbudu
11.30 – 12.30 Podcasts: Will audio kill the video star? Ubiquitous internet and urban life, the perfect recipe for the revival of digital radio.Amit Doshi, Christopher Lydon, Iyad-el-BaghdadiModerated by Abhinandan Sekhri Partnering To Build Trust
Around the world, journalism has become the bulwark against the rising tide of misinformation online. How Google partners with journalists to connect people to trustworthy information when they need it the most.
Irene Jay Liu
In Conversation – Journalism resisting and surviving
Rappler Founder,
Maria Ressa
in conversation with Hartosh Bal on press freedom, taking on the Duterte government and speaking truth to power

Maria Ressa
and Hartosh Bal
12.30 – 1.30 Film Screening – Raghu Rai, An Unframed Portrait
Duration: 54 mins | Language: English/Hindi Followed by an
In Conversation with Raghu Rai, Anurag Kashyap, Avani Rai and Madhu Trehan
Tech in Newsrooms – How technology can optimise the news ecosystem?
Chirdeep Shetty, Francesca Panetta, Irene Jay Liu, Samir Patil
Moderated by Suresh Venkat
Is There a Post-Advertising Media Business Model?
How media companies should think of revenue diversification. Some lessons and learnings.
Anushree Goenka, Praveen Gopal Krishnan, Raju Narisetti Moderated by Manvi Sinha Dhillon
Presented by Business Standard
1.30 – 2.30 LUNCH
2.30 – 3.30 Sleeping with the Adversary Should journalists take up public office or does it kill their credibility?
Ashish Khetan, Pankaj Pachauri, R Jagannathan, Swapan Dasgupta
Moderated by Madhu Trehan
In ConversationIyad-el-Baghdadi and Sreenivasan Jain In Conversation – news as a virtual experience Francesca Panetta and Durga Raghunath
3.30 – 4.30 Patriotism vs Journalism
The world over patriotism and ‘our soldiers’ are being positioned as adversaries to journalism. Is it time for combat?
Ajai Shukla,
Maria Ressa
, Nitin Gokhale, Shane Bauer, Haidar
Moderated by Shiv Aroor
Presentation: Age of Freelance Journalism How and why media houses are moving from big in-house editorial teams to leaner teams while also engaging more freelance reporters for stories.Gangadhar Patil In Conversation – Revealing Larry Nassar
IndyStar’s Marisa Kwiatkowski in conversation with Neha Dixit on breaking the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal and the challenges she faces as an investigative reporter
Marisa Kwiatkowski and Neha Dixit
4:30-5:30 Masterclass
Panel to be announced closer to the forum
In Conversation – From behind bars
Mother Jones’ award-winning senior reporter, Shane Bauer in conversation with Sunetra Choudhary on working as a prison guard to investigate corporate-run prisons &d the intricacies of investigative journalism
Shane Bauer and Choudhury
5:30-6:30 Performance – Aisi Taisi Democracy (Comedy + Music)
Sanjay Rajoura, Rahul Ram, Varun Grover
Saturday, August 4 Stein Auditorium Silver Oak The Theatre
9.30 – 10.30 Film Screening – The Post
Duration:116 Minutes | Language: English Director: Steven Spielberg
News as Investment Why do people invest in news? Is it viable? Is it worth the risk? Is it soft power? How does one make it attractive?Roopa Kudva, Siddharth Yog Moderated by Mihir Sharma Masterclass: Verification 101: How To Verify Photos and Videos Surabhi Malik (Google News Lab Teaching Fellow)
10.30 – 11.30 Mufassil Patrkar Aur Unke SangharshThe highest risk and the least rewarding journalism is happening in small towns. Who will fix it?Ashutosh Chaturvedi, Malini Subramaniam,
Prabhat Singh
Moderated by
Atul Chaurasia
In Conversation – Creating the Podcast
Christopher Lydon and Abhinandan Sekhri
11.30 – 12.30 Presentation: Paradigm shift in the digital media ecosystem
The growth of digital media will see personalisation of content, an innovative approach to audience engagement and new monetisation models. A deep dive into these innovations and how digital publishers need to be prepared for in the future.
Chirdeep Shetty
Presentation: Media’s Need for Social Networks is a Double-Edged Sword
Social media drives content distribution, focusing on audience engagement, not on news quality. With Social at the heart of media publishers’ core publishing strategy, how can publishers engage and incentivise their audience to be their ambassadors on Social and share their content?

Anand Jagannathan
12.30 – 1.30 Ownership Responsibilities
The pressures of running a news organisation

Anant Goenka
Aroon Purie

Moderated by Madhu Trehan
Walking The Talk: Thinking Through News Disruption
Raju Narisetti
In Conversation – Fighting machetes with a pen
Bangladeshi-American author Rafida Ahmed in conversation with
Kanchan Gupta
about the shrinking space for religious critique in Bangladesh and the rise of religious extremism.

Rafida Bonya Ahmed
Kanchan Gupta
1.30 – 2.30 LUNCH
2.30 – 3.30 Second Citizens From cyber-bullying to gender inequality in workplaces, how does news media treat women? How do we fix it?

Neha Dixit
Ravish Kumar
, Nishtha Satyam,
Vrinda Grover

Moderated by
Faye D’souza

Powered by UN Women
Who’s Winning the False News Battle?
Is the technology to fight false news keeping up with the tools to create it? Is the news consumer any smarter?

Aaron Sharockman
Anim van Wyk
Govindraj Ethiraj
Ishteyaque Amjad
Moderated by
Zakka Jacob
Quintype Product Demo: Data-driven digital publishing platform for modern publishers
Understanding how Quintype assists digital media organisations to create interactive content through storytelling, analytics-driven distribution of content to increase engagement, seamless end-user experience across channels.

Sriram Krishnaswamy
Vineet Panjabi
3.30 – 4.30 Investigative Journalism
Too expensive for mass media? Investigative journalism is high risk, high cost, high chances of failure. How can we still make it a priority?

Jay Mazoomdaar
Josy Joseph
, Marisa Kwiatkowski, Shane Bauer

Moderated by
Snigdha Poonam
Numbers Speak the Loudest
In a world of alternative facts, are numbers the most efficient way to speak truth to power?

Pramit Bhattacharya
John Samuel Raja
, Rakesh Reddy Dubuddu,
Rukmini S

Moderated by
Seema Singh

Followed by Presentation on Cherry Picking Data
Vivek Kaul
4.30 – 5.30 Undernourished reportage
An unhealthy and malnourished India cannot be a superpower. Yet healthcare is among the most ignored beats in Indian media. How do we change this?

Dinesh C. Sharma
Samar Halarnkar

Moderated by
Govindraj Ethiraj
Trial by Media
Is it journalistic to come to conclusions during investigations? Journalism of a certain type can devastate lives. Is it inevitable?

Faye D’souza
Tanveer Ahmed Mir
Umar Khalid
Moderated by
Shivam Vij
Masterclass: Graphic ViolenceHow to use illustration in conflict narratives and storytelling? Dix
5.30 – 6.30 Neta > Abhineta
Is political cinema possible in India anymore?

Rajiv Menon
, Anurag Kashyap,
Meghna Gulzar
Neeraj Ghaywan
Moderated by
Shubhra Gupta

Presented by RED FM
6:30-6:40 Vote of Thanks –
Abhinandan Sekhri
*Program subject to change

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