Nitin A. Gokhale

One of South Asia’s leading Strategic Analysts, Nitin is a renowned author, media trainer and founder of a specialised defence-related website, focused on supporting and encouraging India’s quest for self-reliance in defence. After working for 32 years as a media practitioner across print, web and broadcast mediums, in December 2014, he decided to become a full-time author and part-time media entrepreneur. An author of six books on insurgencies, war and conflict, he is a popular speaker at seminars on the military, insurgency and terrorism. His latest book, Securing India the Modi Way detailing the security policies of the Modi government, published in September 2017, is now a bestseller. Nitin was earlier NDTV’s Security and Strategic Affairs Editor.

Session Detail :

Patriotism vs JournalismThe world over patriotism and ‘our soldiers’ are being positioned as adversaries to journalism. Is it time for combat?

Maria Ressa, Nitin Gokhale, Ajai Shukla, Suhasini HaidarModerated by Shiv Aroor

  • Friday, August 3
  • 3.30 – 4.30
  • Stein Auditorium
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