Sunetra Choudhury

Sunetra Choudhury started her career at The Indian Express  where she headed the city team. Three years later, she moved to TV news, working for India’s most prestigious private broadcaster, NDTV. After covering the 2009 election campaign by travelling across the country on a bus for two months, she wrote Braking News (Hachette). Her latest book Behind Bars: Prison Tales of India’s Most Famous (2017, Roli) was the result of extensive interviews with high profile jail inmates. It has already been translated to Hindi and Marathi and the Telugu edition is in the works.  Sunetra is the political editor at NDTV and is also a contributing editor for Elle fashion magazine. In 2016, she received the Red Ink Award for her story about Indian adoption trends. She is a Jefferson Fellow (2018) and the recipient of this year’s Mary Morgan Hewett Award that recognizes the achievements of women journalists in Asia, the Pacific and the United States.


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In ConversationShane Bauer and Sunetra Choudhury

  • Friday, August 3
  • 4:30-5:30
  • The Theatre
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