It’s not fake news, it’s fictional news
08 Aug 2017

It’s not fake news, it’s fictional news

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Most people think what they share is the truth and that cannot change unless each and everything is checked.

Fake news is not a problem for just the people and journalists but also for platforms like Google and Facebook who are afraid that the epidemic will impact them, said Govindraj Ethiraj, the founder of IndiaSpend, BoomLive and FactChecker.

Speaking at The Media Rumble session on False News in the Post-Truth World, he said the platforms will eventually be hit when they realise people have lost faith in them due to the plethora of fake news on them. They also will lose advertising revenue due to this, he said.

AltNews founder Pratik Sinha said the platforms escape flak by claiming too many people are uploading fake stuff while they can make a difference to content posted by people with a history of posting false and fake news.

Swarajya editorial director R Jagannathan said readers are best to judge what is fake instead of having an institutional mechanism to verify fact every time it is to be posted.

HuffPost India deputy editor Shivam Vij said fake news will flourish into a big full-fledged industry by 2019. He said people will be working in offices to churn out one fake story after the other. Media houses will have to verify all facts and will need to seriously consider fact checking teams, he said.

Ethiraj said that on WhatsApp, the velocity of the sharing of a news or an image ensures people take it for granted that it is true. People just tweet or Facebook it since it is hot or happening, he said.

On bias, Jagannathan said people are prone to share what they are comfortable with in terms of political stance and don’t even now they are promoting fake news.

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