Resources for Journalists

How to avoid misinformation: A workshop on evidence-based health reporting

An interactive session led by Dr K Viswanath on how reporters can address misinformation by accurately interpreting and translating health evidence in their news stories.

The workshop aims to focus on making evidence available and accessible to journalists. Through interactive examples, the workshop will discuss how to read health evidence to turn it into factually accurate stories and how to report on conflicting results in an unbiased manner.

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'Unbias the news: How diversity improves journalism'

Christina Lee from the Hostwriter network will discuss bias in the newsroom and how it can be countered with diversity and collaboration for better reporting.

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Exploring pathways to data-driven journalism using Open Budgets India

This session will focus on exploring various fiscal tools from the OBI platform to explore and analyse the budget and spending data from various tiers of governments in India.

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Truth to power: How can we rearchitect the news ecosystem to support trust and sustainability

Journalism is in crisis. Trust is at an all-time low. Legacy business models have collapsed. What if there was another way? This session will talk about how journalists and the public they serve can take back control.

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Digital Security Training

Digital Security Training (DST) conducted by Software Freedom Law Centre, India, is a unique training programme designed to equip professionals in various sectors who are actively involved on social media and other digital platforms. The training is aimed to equip its attendees to effectively take steps to safeguard their privacy and security on the Internet, especially on social media platforms and applications.

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The #GBVinMedia Toolkit: How To Report On Gender-Based Violence Sensitively

Join Feminism In India in an intensive workshop on how to report gender-based violence (GBV) more sensitively as they present the #GBVinMedia toolkit that contains a set of media ethics guidelines on GBV reportage.

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Go beyond 280 characters. Join a team from Twitter India to talk about best practices for journalists, how to optimise and leverage your content on Twitter and learn the latest Twitter tips and tricks.

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FactQ: Verification Lessons From The Elections

What have the recently concluded polls taught us about fact-checking? A quick run-through on verifying photos, videos and posts that you spot online.

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